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Hugh and Marissa helped me complete a miracle. They were able to help me get a complete renovation on 2 closets, master bedroom, master bathroom and living area in less than 3 weeks. They brought great suggestions and were able to get everything in on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I loved working with them and look forward to using them on future projects.
— K.N., Dallas, TX
I have had the pleasure of working with Marissa & Hugh for over ten years. They are a great team and always a lot of fun to work with! They bring a high level of expertise to every project and are extremely innovative in their designs. I would highly recommend H&M Interior Design for any residential or commercial interior design projects.
— Alex, Dallas, TX
Marissa has designed two homes for us over the last five years. She is an outstanding design professional, possessing a superior combination of exceptional artistic talent and impeccable taste. Even more important, her warm and engaging personality makes the design process a delightful experience. Marissa was also instrumental in the design of the floor plan for our present home, which required creativity and innovation due to the unusual shape and size of our lot. We are absolutely thrilled with the results. We can’t thank Marissa enough for a job well done!
— Mike & Mary, Dallas, TX
Life offered me a dear gift in the person of Hugh Scarbrough. I was a recent widow trying to downsize yet cling to the items purchased with my husband. Hugh immediately recognized my dilemma and reassured me that both were possible. Leaving him with unpacked boxes and stacks of art, I took a personal day. The result made my heart sing!
— Helen Johnson, Dallas, TX
The creativity with which Marissa transforms dwellings from plainness to extraordinary is a spectacle that I have witnessed time and time again. Rather than an innate style, her designs stem from the desires and personality of her clients. Tailored to these expectations includes a sense of fiduciary responsibility to remain within the boundaries of sensibility. Marissa is a rare combination of artistic skills, following through with an attention to detail. Her remarkable personality makes your time and investment with Marissa a truly pleasurable experience. I heartily recommend inviting Marissa into your home or business to create an environment just for you.
— Lynn U., Dallas, TX
Hugh is an absolute client’s dream to work with. My husband recently sold his startup company to one in Denver who then made him a partner. Consequently, we moved very quickly-within a matter of two months-from our tiny one bedroom apartment in Manhattan to a brand new two bedroom, two bath corner unit with floor to ceiling windows in Denver. Hugh was so flexible. When we first met, all we had to work from were some architectural drawings with approximate measurements of the apartment and a few pictures I had taken. Moreover, I had no idea of my own taste in interior design! Thankfully, Hugh has a true gift for special relations. He presented me with a unified concept as a starting point to help me define my vision, and it helped me to realize that I wanted something modern yet warm. He was immediately on my page. Off we went to market and, with Hugh as my expert guide, everything just fell so perfectly into place. The apartment is completely finished out, but nothing feels crowded. I describe our style as modern organic chic with lots of glass, wood, leather and metal mixed with neutrals and pops from colorful prints. I still can’t believe how quickly our gorgeous apartment came together right down to the custom silk botanical print pillows and the gorgeous succulent arrangements that Hugh created himself. I absolutely love being at home!
— Erin & Tony M., Denver, CO